Chiropractic Testimonials

"Always get relief from Dr. Alena, totally trust her technique and advice. Love her staff and highly recommend all of their services…. Including massage!!"

– Tina V.

"Great results! Great staff! Great availability!"

– Kathy M.

“I have learned how chiropractic can be a huge benefit to my body and feel comfortable with Dr. Alena. I like the therapies that are offered and I love the quality of care that I get. Dr. Alena is very thorough and explains things in detail and she always works with me on my finances.”

– Donna M.

“I’m happy with the results. I had a lot of lower back problems. Now my back feels stronger and better. Some doctors are too quick to give out medications and are not willing to check out other alternatives.”

– Dave K.

“I feel better. Dr. Alena listens and she was very thorough in explaining what was wrong. I love the office, doctor, and staff.”

– Bonnie W.

“Dr. Alena really cares about her patients. I’ve seen improvement in flexibility and posture in both myself and my daughter.”

– Margaret P.

“I like my results. I like the staff. I am comfortable here.”

– William S.

“Experienced and caring staff! I love coming here. I first came here with extreme back pain a year ago and I haven’t seen those symptoms come back since. My father had been here before and my mother recommended I come to this office to heal my back naturally instead of going to the doctor. I love the way I’m treated at the office. The staff is so attentive and knowledgeable, I feel like I can ask them about anything and they will look into a solution or know of something that will help. They offer so many great customer appreciation events or incentives throughout the year so they’re always inviting us! They helped me out various times from when my back was hurting, getting me orthotics, to when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroid disease and had to go on a gluten-free diet, to now where I have TMJ. I have recommended this place to a ton of my friends and family. Those that have come love the atmosphere and how the staff works with its patients. I would hate to have to go somewhere else because the staff here feels like family!!”

– Tina V.

"Simply AMAZING! Dr. Alana, Brian & Tracy are truly amazing people! Whenever I feel some type of pain in my back or neck Dr. Alana fixes it with no effort. Every time I go in, I leave feeling refreshed and brand new. I would highly recommend giving them a visit."

– Victoria G.

"My grandson was late in trying to walk. We took him in to see Dr. Alena and after that he started taking several steps without help. He did stand and hold on walking around the couch etc. but nothing more.

I also go see Dr. Alena for periodic adjustments and she always helps me. And keeps everything good."

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